The Infantry Podcast

Ep 2. Staff Sergeant Kevin Nguyen, Amputee, Olympian, Hero

July 28, 2022 The Infantry Podcast Season 1 Episode 2
The Infantry Podcast
Ep 2. Staff Sergeant Kevin Nguyen, Amputee, Olympian, Hero
Show Notes

Buckle in for this one, folks.  This Olympic athlete, world class shooter, and bona fide hero is a member of the vaunted Army Marksmanship Unit here at Fort Benning, GA.  However, we discuss something much more important than our average podcast.  Kevin is an amputee from the knee down on one leg.  This is a candid, in your face discussion bout what that experience was like and how he dealt with it.  To go from flat on his back in Afghanistan, to losing a leg, to being considered one of, if not THE, greatest .22 caliber air rifle shot in the world is a story worth listening to.  An inspiration for others, he is a hero and someone we can all aspire towards.

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